Growing old in style

As you grow old you have to keep abreast with the changing momentum of this world and shouldn’t be left behind.

Spend time with your kids and grandkids. Make sure you leave some space to spend quality time with them. Check up on them if you live away from them. Not just a phone call or presence in birthdays but actual time. But make sure you let them know beforehand. Even if they are your kids you must respect their privacy and routines. Don’t make your presence a burden to them.

Take a little interest in what they like. There is no harm in getting to know all the superhero name or the favorite cartoons of your grand kids. Even if you think their taste in music is horrible and loud do show a little interest. There is no shame is getting  it support brisbane from someone if you don’t know how to operate new tech devices of this era. I am sure none of them know how to operate a gramophone or a type writer. So different eras bring different technologies that’s how it is.

Ask them what they would like you to buy them for their birthdays and special events before you actually buy them because your tastes and theirs can be further apart than you think.


Settle your debts and be ready. Well not gloomy and predicting death around every corner but be prepared. The last thing you want is for death to take you by surprise.

Do what you love to do and enjoy. Be spontaneous and adventurous (yes you can be adventurous irrespective of age). Break routine and don’t limit your selves. Dress well and try new things. Do somethings you have never done before.

Always try to accommodate young people’s views in your decision making. Their style of thinking can be different than yours and they might get annoyed with you if you stubbornly stick to your traditional way of thinking. Even if you don’t agree at least hear them out first.

Find things that you can do to enjoy despite the different ailments you have. Adapt to it (not give in). For an example if you love to read books but your eye sight is failing don’t try to fight against it and be miserable. Get audio books from the internet and enjoy books without actually worsening your eye conditions. An even better idea is getting either your children or grandchildren to read a book oe a newspaper to you if they have time. But don’t be discouraged that they don’t have the time to do this. People race against time and they may not simply have the time to sit down and spend a couple of hours with someone. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or want you around.

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