Bad Drugs and Pharmaceutical Settlements

The news reports about health care frauds are really a surprise, when they are involved with popular pharmaceutical giants. We the common people are the final consumers of their medicines and they earn huge profits out of selling those bad drugs through medical channels like medical stores, clinics, by doctors and hospitals. There are also much banned and non-approved drugs circulating through various medical channels that we blindly consume them with the trust of hospitals and doctors. When we become a victim of bad drugs, we may seek drug lawsuit settlements.

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How to Find Medicinal Drugs are Approved or Not

It is advisable to check about the medicines that a doctor prescribes for patient before consuming them. You can check this online. However, make sure that these drugs have approval by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The below mentioned are few drugs which were in lawsuits from injured consumers who went to court for wrong prescription Drug settlements and won their case with huge amount of compensation.

  • Accutane for Acne care will cause you Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Avandia is a banned medicinal drug for diabetes, which cause heart attack.
  • Depakote for bipolar disorder can cause birth defects.
  • Pradaxa is for heart disease patients and their side effects are blood not clotting properly and hemorrhaging.
  • Vioxx is a pain killer medicine and can cause stroke.

The above are few lists of drugs, which came to public by pharmaceutical litigation by victims of bad drugs. There is more number of drugs, which are yet to come under ban, and people consume them with the trust of medical practitioners.

How to Find Trusted Pharmaceutical Litigation Lawyers

The death caused by bad drugs and side effects caused may not be known until we do proper checks of medicines. The moment you find a drug has no license and a banned drug is avail to you or your family member, you can take this matter to court to stop further use of those illegal drugs. You can even get drug lawsuit settlements with the help of bad drug lawyer. It is advisable to keep those medical prescriptions by doctors, medical report and hospital bills as evidence to prove in court. There are specialized law firms who take bad drug case and bring proper justice by getting proper compensation and settlements.


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