The ways in which you can remain active

Remaining active is important as being active will enhance a sense of purpose and motivation in you. Being dynamic will also aid in allowing you to live life to the fullest as opposed to being lazy.

Do something you enjoy

The best way to remain active and alert is to do something that you enjoy, because by doing something that you enjoy the task will not be a hassle for you. Being physically active is not the only way you could be active as there are other ways of being energetic such as taking vitamins & supplements, and also mediation is something that will greatly benefit you.

How to mediate?

Mediation is not a complex task, all you need is to find a quite environment, sit down and close your eyes. You can choose whether you want to listen to soothing music or not, it is not important whether there is music playing in the background or not while you mediate, the important thing is to concentrate on your breathing. By concentrating only on your breathing, it will enable your entire body to go into a state of relaxation. After you mediate, the relaxation you feel will enable you to think more clearly and it will also increase your levels of concertation, allowing you to focus more on the task at hand.


Do not force yourself 

It is important that you do not force yourself to do anything in life, because if you have to force yourself to do something, then it means that you do not really want it and if you do not really want something, then you will not give it your best shot. Forcing yourself to do something will cause a burden to be put on your shoulders which would only cause you to be frustrated and unhappy.

Eating too much 

Whenever you eat a meal you should eat to satisfy your hunger, however, you should try not to stuff yourself too much because, eating too much will cause you to feel bloated and lazy which would prevent you from being active. Overeating will cause you to feel lethargic after the meal and it may take you a few hours to feel comfortable again. If you do overeat, it is okay to do it once in a while; however, you should try and not make a habit out of it as this could lead to obesity. You should also make it a point to not eat for the wrong reasons, such as: Eating because you are bored or eating because you feel sad or angry. Turning to food for comfort might make you feel good in the short run but in the long run, the effects will be harmful.

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