Best hair styles for curly hair on a long face

There is always confusion in women regarding the right hair style that they should try on their hair. Regardless to mention, the type of hair that one has, is the basic factor in choosing the right hair style. However, another factor is there that is equally important, when it comes to choosing the right hair style and that is the shape of the face.

If you have heart shaped face, it will require a particular hair style. If you have long face, you need to go for other hair styles. But, curly hair can often make women think that their options are limited and they cannot go for beautiful, stylish and stunning hairdos, if the length of their curly hair is short. Here are a few of the best hairstyles that can suit women with long faces.You can go through many other interesting hairstyles by accessing the Be Trendsetter website.There you will find a number of hairdo options that go amazingly well with long faces and curly hair. Choose the one that goes with your hair texture.

Chin length bob:

The first thing that you need to keep in mind, while you choose a hairstyle for a long face is that you need to cover the elongated chin. You have to try a hairdo that will enhance the width of your face and remove focus from the chin length. Curly bobs that go up to the chin length, can increase the width of the face and make it look fuller, shifting focus from length.

Short bobs with slight straights:

If you have natural curls, you can always try a different and unique hairstyle by straightening a few of your curls. Rough and loose straight streaks of hair, along with a few curls, can enhance your look and appeal. The short bob is a good choice in this regard. To give it a more interesting look, you can go for highlighting your hair with your favourite hair dye.


Curly layered bob:

Those, who have smooth curls, can always go for the curly layered bob cut. In this case, the curls look soft and they can be given a desired appeal by cutting it as per the length of your choice.

Asymmetrical short bob:

This is a very popular hairdo nowadays amongst youngsters. The hairdo is asymmetrical on either side of the head. As the volume differs, it creates a level of interest.

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